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The bpostgroup’s Integrated Annual Report 2023 has been prepared with reference to the GRI Standards and based on the principles of the International Integrated Reporting Framework.

2023 Integrated Annual Report

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bpostgroup’s Code of Conduct was first issued in 2007 and last updated in December 2022.

The Code contains general principles that describe the values and ethical standards for everybody working in the group and enables appropriate responses in the event that it is not followed. These principles are reinforced by the relevant codes, policies and procedures that are in place across bpostgroup’s businesses, affiliates and ventures.

bpostgroup expects all its employees to comply with the Code of Conduct and use it as a reference in their day to day practice.

The Supplier Code of Conduct is a set of ethical principles and standards we set for ourselves and bpost suppliers, their employees, suppliers and subcontractors.

We involve the stakeholders and encourage them to get involved at every level of the company. We identify the stakeholders and take note of their expectations by means of existing approaches and processes: surveys, forums, social dialogue, reviews of contracts with suppliers and providers, customer feedback (particularly on social media) and roundtables. Our method of engagement is set out for each stakeholders below.

bpostgroup is committed to the highest standards of ethical behaviour in the protection and promotion of human rights (including freedom of association and collective bargaining, prohibition of forced labor, human trafficking, modern slavery and child labor).

bpostgroup has adopted and published a Human Right Policy and expects all people involved in the group’s business to respect the Human Rights Policy. There is zero-tolerance regarding violations of human rights and there are no exceptions to this Human Rights Policy.

A diverse environment allows the company to optimize interaction with its customers and stakeholders, and effectively respond to challenges in different ways. In that context, bpostgroup has designed a Diversity Policy aimed at creating diversity and inclusion awareness within the company. The purpose of this Diversity Policy is to support bpost employees and management in creating a culture in which diversity and inclusion are a daily practice. Diversity and inclusion are at the heart of bpostgroup’s values.

The general terms and conditions outline the rules, obligations, and terms of service applicable to bpost suppliers.