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Sustainability governance

Our sustainability governance structure is embedded in our existing organizational structures and operations, ensuring that sustainability is fully integrated into the day-to-day operational processes of bpostgroup.

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ESG Committee

In accordance with Article 18, §3 of the Articles of Association, the bpost Board has set up an environmental, social and governance committee (the “ESG Committee”). The ESG Committee advises the Board principally on matters regarding the bpost ESG strategy and activities, including the preparation and implementation of ESG initiatives and supporting the group in developing a position as a global leader in ESG performance. They will quarterly monitor and discuss progress and initiatives.



The head of human resources is responsible for the wellbeing of all our people and assessing performance in terms of diversity, ethics, training, health and safety.

bpost Belgium has appointed a prevention director to oversee health and safety, with the support of the regional and national prevention managers. Alongside the prevention managers, the project leads are responsible for launching, assessing and monitoring safety projects, organizing prevention meetings with employees, as well as road safety trainings, communication safety campaigns and actions.

Human resource sustainability data and performance are assessed annually by the steering group.

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The Energy and Environment department manages the buildings and waste flows of bpost Belgium. It oversees the supply of green energy, coordinates the annual energy audit to identify opportunities to reduce consumption (HVAC, replacement of lighting, insulation) and manages waste in line with best practice (recycling and recovery).

The Fleet Management department at bpost Belgium manages the fleet infrastructure and R&D to enable the adoption of green solutions.

These two departments set annual targets, which are assessed by the Global Head of Sustainability to ensure they are in line with carbon emissions reduction ambitions

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The Head of Procurement of bpost Belgium is responsible for social and environmental issues upstream of the supply chain. This person sets the procurement targets with due consideration for our sustainability ambitions (together with the Global Head of Sustainability). The procurement service includes a procurement manager, who is responsible for monitoring initiatives and targets.

The initiatives to raise awareness in the community are managed separately, typically by the head of Public Affairs.

Each Star4U project is assessed by an independent panel of judges, comprising bpost employees and external experts. This panel assesses whether the projects are in line with the corporate values on the basis of such criteria as diversity, sustainability and wellbeing. The King Baudouin Foundation administers the bpost Literacy Fund.

Our ambition is to incorporate our businesses into a similar sustainability integration process (culture and procedures). Best practice can be identified and shared throughout bpostgroup.

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